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12/9 - I will be recurring on "Days of Our Lives" episode #9725. Shooting 12/11.

12/7 - I worked on Collateral starring Tom Cruise. I play "Limo driver" in a scene with veteran actor, Bruce McGill (better known as "D-Day" in "Animal House").

12/2 - I will be working on Collateral starring Tom Cruise and Jamie Foxx. Filming this month in Los Angeles. Directed by Michael Mann.

11/30 - I added photos with Stryper to my Molale the Rocker page. On October 28, my bro and I went to Stryper at the House of Blues, Hollywood. Here is my brother Joe and I with Oz Fox from Stryper. Click here for all the photos.

11/16 - I have been working on "Dodgeball: A True Underdog Story" starring Ben Stiller and Vince Vaughn. Here are a few photos from the set.

10/20 - I will be recurring on "Tonight Show with Jay Leno". Airdate October 28. CD: Scott Atwell, D: Ellen Brown.

10/21 - I recurred on "Days of Our Lives" episode #9693. Shooting 10/21. Airing November 24.

10/15 - I will be playing 'Chad' on the new NBC series, "Coupling". Episode "Object Lessons", shooting 10/15 - 10/17. D: Andrew Weyman. CD: Brett Goldstein.

9/20 - I have been cast in the new 20th Century Fox film, "Dodgeball: A True Underdog Story" starring Ben Stiller and Vince Vaughn. When the financial future of their favorite gym is threatened to be taken over by a national fitness franchise, a group of friends (led by Vaughn) agree to compete as a dodgeball team at a "winner takes all" competition in Las Vegas against a team (led by Stiller) that's the best the big corporation can buy.

Rehearsals have already begun and I will be shooting in October and November.

9/1 - I will be recurring on the "Tonight Show with Jay Leno" as 'Security Guard' in "Funny You Should Ask" skit. CD: Scott Atwell, D: Ellen Brown.

8/28 - I was the stunt coordinator for CBS "The King of Queens" commercial. D: Ken Whittingham. Producers: Kandoo Films. This is my sixth project for CBS and third with Kevin James. This picture is from the set. (see photo)

8/19 - I worked on the new Coen Bros. film "The Ladykillers" starring Tom Hanks. I doubled Ryan Hurst in a scene with Tom where I shoot myself in the head and fall over a bridge. Check out my new doo.(see photos)

7/29 - I wrapped the pilot presentation "Outpost" today. D: Joel Watson. This photo is on the set as 'Kojak'. (see photo)

7/25 - Click here to read the online story from journalnet.com. Idaho State Journal correspondent, Tracey Smith, wrote this story about my acting career and my ties to Idaho.

6/27 - I accepted the offer to play the role of "Kojak" in the pilot presentation "Outpost". Directed by Joel Watson, this pilot is a comedy hybrid of 2001: A Space Odyssey and Office Space. Filming is to begin in July. CD: Beth Goldstein.

6/24 - Tonight was the premier for "Wrong Turn" starring Patty Duke. I play 'Policeman #2' in this short film directed by Steve Danton.This is Steve's directing debut. He has been a first assistant director on many blockbuster films such as "Gone in Sixty Seconds", "K:19" and "Thelma and Louise".

6/20 - I just finished working on "The Rundown" starring Dwayne 'The Rock' Johnson. I play 'Goon', the muscle for actor William Lucking. I get poisoned by the Rock in this film. D: Peter Berg. SC: Dick Ziker. This photo is on the set with the Rock and Sven Ole Thornsen. (see photo)

6/16 - I went to the cast and crew screening of "The Hulk" tonight. The CG work in this film is amazing! Unfortunately, I was completely cut out of the final version of the film, but I will gladly accept the residual checks! Go see this film, you will enjoy it. "The Hulk" opens 6-20.

5/14 - I completed "Cheaper By The Dozen" today. This photo is on the set with Steven Anthony Lawrence who I get injured with in this film. (see photo)

4/10 - Airdate for of "Americas Most Wanted" will be Saturday, April 19 on FOX. I play the 'Profilled Killer' in "Valley Center Jane Doe" segment.

4/4 - I recurred on "Days of Our Lives" as "Tony's Security Guard". Shooting 4/4. Air Date: Tuesday, April 29, 2003.

4/3 - I worked my first day on "Cheaper By The Dozen" starring Steve Martin and Bonnie Hunt. I play 'Injured Stallion Player" who gets injured saving Steve's kids at a party. I will be working on the film again in May. D: Shawn Levy. SC: Ernie Orsatti. Below is a photo of me being wheeled into the emergency room along with injured kid Steven Anthony Lawrence (from Fresno).(see photo)

3/27 - After many requsets, I added a new page to the site, Molale the Rocker Page. Included are a few pictures of me when I was a radio disk jockey at KVHS-FM. This is the true "Fat Molale" days! This page is still under construction. Please email if you have any pictures to add to this page. SOME suggestions may be considered! Caution: You will laugh!

2/21 - The gang over at Adam Sandler.com show the respect and add a pic of my dogs, Daisy and Rufus (boxers) on their web site. Click here to go to Adam Sandler.com.

2/17 - I will be shooting another episode of "Americas Most Wanted" on 2/19. P: Glen Schneider. D: Van King.

2/11 - I appeared on of "Jimmy Kimmell Live!" with Bob Sattler in the "Dell Computer kid dope bust skit" as Policeman #2.


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