1999 Archives

12/18 - I appeared in the "Saafir" music video as "Policeman".

11/8 - I booked the role of 'Rocco' on "Boy Meets World". Episode: 'The Provider'. Taping 11/8-11 in LA. CD: Sally Steiner and Barbie Block. D: Lynn McCracken.

11/4 - I filmed a local Bay Area spot for JCM Sales. (see photo)

11/2 - I booked the role of 'Marine Pilot' in "Pensacloa: Wings of Gold". Episode: 'At Poverty Level'. Shooting 11/2 in San Diego. CD: Barbara Claman. D: Scott Lautanen.

10/22 - I will be doing stunts in "I'll Be You / Whatever It Takes". Shooting 10/22-24 in LA. SC:

9/21 - I worked on "The Jersey". Shooting in Fullerton

8/30 - I booked the film "Lady Luck / Forbidden Highway" as Big Boy'. Shooting 8/30-910 in LA and Las Vegas. D: Kelley Cauthen. (see photo)

8/4 - I booked the "Burger King" commercial 'Punt' as " Football Player". Shooting 8/4-5. This spot broke into four different commercials for the 1999 college football season, CD: Kari Peyton. D: Jeff Gorman. (see photo)

8/3 - I did football stunts on "EA Sports" commercial. Shooting 8/3 in Fullerton.

7/29 - I appeared on "Sunset Beach" as 'Hunk #1'. D: Peter Brincherhoff.

7/27 - I did football stunts on "The Jersey". I appeared as 'Teammate #2'. Episode "Fathers & Sons". D: Kris Tabori. (see photo)

7/15 - I did football stunts on the "Snickers" commercial 'Pay Up' featuring NFL stars, Terell Owens, Mark Brunell, Jerome Bettis, Emmett Smith and Randy Moss. Shooting 7/15 in LA. I'm Whipp #56. D: Hank Perlman.

7/7 - I booked the commercial "NFL Blitz 2000". Shooting 7/13 in LA. P: Propaganda Films. CD: Lisa Fields.

7/12 - I worked on the "Visa/NFL" commercial, 'Jane' featuring Randall Cunningham and Dennis Green of the Minnesota Vikings. Shooting 7/12 in Fullerton. D: Erich Joiner.

7/1 - I did stunts on "The Jersey" as 'Junior Seau double'. Episode "Heroes". SC: Gary Baxley D: Pat Williams.(see photo)

Co-starring as "The Man" on ONE WORLD. CD: Scott Musgrove. Directed by Mary Lou Belli. (see photo)

Recurring as "Hospital Cop Eddy" on DAYS OF OUR LIVES. CD: Fran Bascom & Ron Sperber.

Recurring as "Hospital Cop Eddy" on DAYS OF OUR LIVES. CD: Fran Bascom & Ron Sperber.

Appearing as "Young dancing man" on LOVEBOAT: THE NEXT GENERATION.

Appearing with Keyshawn Johnson for WEB TV. Directed by Michael Patrick Jann.

Appearing as "Neanderthal Jail Guard" in FLINTSTONES IN VIVA ROCK VEGAS. Directed by Brian Levant.

I worked on the test shoot for "Any Given Sunday" as 'Knight Player'. DP: Sal Tontino. (see photo)